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6 Tips To Surviving The First Night Home With Your Newborn

Posted on March 06 2022

In this article, I want to share some quick tips that hopefully will help first-time moms survive their first night home from the hospital with their babies.

When I brought my firstborn home for the first time, I was super excited and nervous at the same time.

It finally sank in that we are now in charge of a new life day and night. One of our first thoughts on arriving home from the hospital with our bundle of joy is "now what?".

If you are like me and wondering how to survive your first night with your baby, don't panic. The first night may be intimidating, but it'll pass by in a blur and before you know it, you'll be a pro at the whole idea of raising kids. Ha!

Tip #1: Figure Out Why Your Baby Is Crying

One of my biggest fears about bringing my daughter home was that I don’t know what to do if she cries constantly.

Fortunately, I learned that babies cry for the same few reasons.

Is your baby crying because he/she is hungry? Your little one may want to eat every two hours or even less. If they're not hungry, they may need a diaper change or even just a hug.

From my experience, one of these three things will almost always be the reason your baby is crying.

Tip #2: Be Organized

Have a diaper basket for all your baby stuff - diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc. Have it in sight so that it will be handy when you need them.

Honestly having things organized around the house is a must especially for a new mom as this will reduce your level of stress when the baby is wailing.

Tip #3: Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

My daughter slept in the same room as us in her bassinet for the first few months. Your newborn baby needs you and it is easier if you can care for your baby in the same room, especially for the night-time feedings!

Tip #4: Wrap Them Up

Newborn babies love to feel like they are in the womb because it gives them comfort. Swaddling your baby can help them feel secure and relaxed, and it also prevents startle reflexes that can wake your baby up! I hear a lot of moms swear by it!

Speaking of swaddling, you may want to consider a Fluffy Baby Sleeping Bag that is designed to keep your baby warm and cozy. The ultra-soft and breathable material will help your little ones enjoy a comfortable and longer sleep.

Tip #5: Sleep When You Can

Whilst your baby is probably going to sleep most of their time at home, they'll likely wake up every hour or two. This will be exhausting for you, moms. So to make it more bearable, make sure you rest when your baby sleeps. This will help you survive the first few months with your newborn!

I slept in the afternoon when my daughter took her nap and I am grateful for it! It definitely helped me survive the crucial late nights with my daughter.

Tip #6: Ask For Help

Do not feel shy or embarrassed about asking for help. The first few days with a newborn baby are hard! It will test your endurance and you may start doubting yourself as a new mom.

Ask your partner, your parents and friends for help, especially your mom. You will always find comfort in your mom’s words of wisdom, advice, tips etc.

I’m rooting for you, Moms! Know that you are not alone in this motherhood thingy. And if you’re a new mom, just know that this is a passing phase!

If you survived the first night with your newborn baby home, then you will survive motherhood, haha!

Wish you all the best and cherish every minute of it. The good and the not-so-good. Babies grow so so fast 🙂